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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Can we try Love again
  Kool Blues
   If I'm good enough to love
  Laura Lee
  Hot Wax
   Superstar Lady
  CB Overton
   Got get my broom out
  David Peoples
   Guess How much I love you
  Little Milton
   Troubled Child
  Barbara Mason
   Since I've Been loving You
  Alexander O'Neal
   Policeman Blues
  Grady Champion
   Every Day I Have to Cry
  Billy Scott
   A Stone Good Lover
  Jo Armstead
   Woman Don't Cry Astray
  King Floyd
   Come Back With Your Love
  Special Delivery
   Ride On
  Clarence Coulter
  Hit Track
   Show Him How to Love Again
  Mel Waiters
  Carlena Weaver
   You're The One
  Kings Go Forth
  Mr. C's
   So Glad You Happened To Me
  Billy Scott
   It Won't Take Much (To Bring Me Back)
  Linda Jones
   The Love In My Heart
  Gerlad Trotter
  Mo Do
   One Nite Stand
  Willie Clayton
   There's So Much Love All Around Me
  Ecstasy, Passion and Pain
   That's The Way Life Was Meant (to be)
  Pure Ice
   Good Time
  Johnny Daye
   In Orbit
  Joy Lovejoy
   Just Be There
  Gene Chandler
   How Many Roads
  Smallwood Brothers
   You Did It
  Tyrone Edwards
   Count On Me
   You've Hurt Me Now
  Denise Chandler
   Does your Mother Know About Me
  Bruce Jackson
  White Label
   Hold On This Time
  Fontella Bass
   Two Feet From Happiness
  Chuck Jackson
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