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Gary Russell Guests
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Can't feel no pain
  The Final Decisions
  White Label
   Can't trust her
  Jae B
  North West
   If you wanna Love me
  Warren Raye // The Infernal Blues Machine
   Don't you (think the time's a' coming)
   I can't do without you
  Abraham // His Sons
   Consider my love
  Danny Nolland
   You Oughta be here with me
  Annettte Snell
   Tears are falling
  Robert Lees // The Exquisites
  Steeltown Inc.
   A Chance at love
  Universal Minds
   Wear your natural baby
  Towana // The Total destruction
   I love you Madly
  Fantastic Four
  Ric Tic
   Where is that rainbow
  Dee Dee Warwick
   Trying to reach my goal
  The Robert Jones Singers
   I believe in you
  The Blues Groove
   Sentimental Man
   Oh mama
  Bo James // The Human freedom
   You've got to show me
  Sammy Jones
   It was jealousy
  Otis Clay
   How can I
  Charles Perry
   Drowning in my own despair
  Oliver Norman
   Some Good in everything bad
  The Fabulous Apollos
   This kind of love
  Special Delivery
   Since I met you
  Lenny Williams
   Together forever
  Ray Pettis
  Dee Dee
   Is it love or is it lust
  Vernon Steve Weakley
   Won't you come back home
  Pauline Shivers
   I gotta get away
  Ray Godfrey
   Messing up a good thing
  John Edwards
   Just another guy
  Stage IV
   Forever Together, together forever
  The Jaggerz
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