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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Tryin' To Love two women
  The Persuaders
   Trying to win Your Love
   Keep Me Crying
  Al Green
   Fantasy 1
   Thanks but no thanks
  General Crooks
   Can't understand it
  The Independents
   Kisses don't lie
  Soul Junction
   Don't Hold Back
  Brown Sugar
   Let your heart be the judge
  God's gift to women
   How Long can I keep it up
  Lynn Collins // The J.B.'s
   You're a friend of mine
  Words of wisdom
  IX Chains
   Part Time Love Affair
  Roy Kinard
   Something about you
  Four Tops
   The Key
  Four Tops
   Isn't it amazing
  Charles Conrad // Soul Bros.
   I'd better take a coffee Break
  The Ohio Players
   There you are
  Millie Jackson
   I'm not to blame
  Bobby Byrd
   I'm not to blame
  Bobby Byrd
   You're good for me girl
  Big Jim's Border Crossing
   Leaving Me
  The Independents
from the album The First Time we met
   Never been in love before
  CP Love
   I Can't take it
  Soul Junction
   I'm so in Love with You
   Crying Time is over
  Tony Love
   Stay in My Life
   Baby I've been missing you
  The Independents
from the album The First Time we met
   Baby you sure know how to get to me
  Bessy Banks
   Don't you wake me
  Charles "Chuck" Barrino
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