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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   You're my main squeeze
  Crystal Motion
  Sound Gems
   How long is forever
  Frank and James
   Sly Girl
  Derek Martin
   Soul Recession
  Double Exposure
   Recipe for peace
  Bobby Patterson
   Victims of loneliness
  The Pacesetters
   Let's do it now
  The Jaln Band
   Lady Soul
  The Temptations
   Don't write a check with your mouth
  Sonny Green
   Happy go lucky me
  The Bobettes
   Sharing you
  Johnny Adams
   I just love you
   Your love keeps drawing me closer
  Johnson Hawkins // Tatum & Durr
   We got a thing going on
  Pat Lundy // Bobby Harris
   Don't Blame me
  The G.T's
   Empty Talk
  Al Robinson
   The memory of you
  The Coalitions
  Soul Junction
   (I'd know you) anywhere
  Ashford and Simpson
  Warner Bros.
   We got a good thing going on
  Street Corner Symphony
   Love is holding on
  Cissy Houston
  Private Stock
   True I love you
  Bobby Hebb
   My baby moves me
  Brenda Holloway
  Tamla Motown
   One love
  Jimmy Lewis
  One Love
  The Moment of Truth
   If you didn't hear me the first time
  The Sandpebbles
   I'll make it up to you
   I don't wanna fuss
  Sugar pie DeSanto
  Pye International
   The Real Deal
  Sheba Potts Wright
   That was yesterday
  Primbrock Skiggs
   I want to hold your baby
  Nancy Butts
  Flaming Arrow
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