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Sorbie Rd.
electronic // acoustic // diy // indierock // dream

A monthly meet-up where two friends share the softest of sounds. Ft. guest mixtapes, live appearances, and unnecessarily long show news.

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   14:00 - 15:00
   Mon, 23/09/2019
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A Minute in the Shade
18/08/2019 // A Minute in the Shade

When I'm waiting, I think in hours, and in minutes when I’m late. Most often, I think in days, yet rarely of today. It takes a sudden adjustment: a friend's opinion; a parent's confession; the sensation of falling; the present, given as a gift. A date written down purposively: a token. Something to look forward to, and later, back on - to remind me that far more will change than the habits of the sun.

Steven and I are back broadcasting for just one hour this month. Mostly his picks - very nice stuff. Secret pop stars and Fairlight sequences, all found east of the Eighties, with some exceptions.

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