Live Election 2010 Special
Solar Island
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0h 0m 0s // intro
   (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)
  Beastie Boys
  Grand Royal
0h 10m 38s // Where the BBC ripped their new election theme from
0h 13m 15s // Explanation and intro to the drink along at home drinking game and the Human Swigometerâ„¢
   Pyramids (Change)
  Stones Throw
0h 25m 25s // First tweet of the night
   Are You a Visionary?
  the kleptones
  White Label
0h 40m 0s // Report from Canada with Zoe Killo Grams
   I Wanna Be Adored
  The Stone Roses
0h 50m 18s // More of your tweets
0h 51m 30s // The Monolith makes an Northern Ireland related faux pas
0h 54m 30s // Introduction to our no-platform for tories policy
   The Blues are Still Blue
  Belle & Sebastian
  Rough Trade
1h 6m 50s // Interview with Winston Churchill
   My Prerogative
  Bobby Brown
1h 15m 37s // Twitter catch up with Prof. Stephen Hawking
1h 22m 8s // Kay Burley talks absolute pish for a bit
1h 23m 0s // Michael Crick gets the piss ripped out of him by a member of the ministry of silly walks
1h 27m 10s // Mad Euan aka Statto spots a discrepency in Sky News' stats
   It's the End of the World as We Know It
1h 31m 14s // Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath declaration with local nutter Derrik Jackson Land is Power
   Paper Planes
  Mad Decent
1h 35m 45s // More tweets from the twittersphere
1h 43m 29s // Tooting declaration - 'Yes We Khan'
1h 46m 0s // More of your tweets
   So Macho
1h 50m 38s // Armando Iannucci on the exit polls and the prospect of a hung parliament
1h 53m 6s // BBC blame polling station problems on students turning up without polling cards
1h 54m 36s // Update on former SRC President Tim Shand's performance
   Beyond the Sea
  Bobby Darin
2h 0m 22s // Threat of legal action arrives from the SNP
   Loch Lomond
2h 04m 0s // More from twitter
   96 Tears (too much vocal mix)
  Question Mark and the Mysterians
  Cameo Parkway
2h 6m 50s // Glasgow East Declaration
2h 11m 35s // Interview with Nick Griffin
   Intelectual (Election Special)
  The Stupid Idiots
  Will Lord's
2h 18m 2s // Mahrooq live via phone from the Glasgow Central declaration in the middle of anti-BNP protests
2h 19m 42s // Mahrooq gives his views on no-platform for facists policies and tackling the BNP
2h 23m 50s // Mad Phil Kennedy tags in to replace Mad Euan in the statto seat
2h 26m 22s // Beep if you think Cameron's a...
   Theme from Bergerac
  George Fenton
2h 27m 50s // Twitter catch-up (with mics left up in a bigotgate style)
   Regulate (Production Unit mix)
  Production Unit // Warren G
  White Label
   Woo Ha (Jay Dee mix)
  Busta Rhymes
2h 23m 25s // Glasgow North declaration
2h 26m 35s // East Renfrewshire declaration
   The Beautiful Occupation
2h 41m 35s // Eastleigh declaration
2h 46m 45s // Monolith phones Mahrooq's bird up by mistake and wakes her up out of bed
2h 49m 07s // Solar Island Aural Swingometer, mixed by Shaun fae Solar
   Things Can Only Get Better
2h 54m 25s // Twitter update
2h 55m 30s // Witney Declaration
   Ghost Town
  The Specials
  Two Tone
3h 4m 50s // Nik of The Stupid Idiots tries and fails to rap over various beats, it quickly becomes apparent that he is steam boats.
3h 11m 5s // Anas Sarwar Interview
3h 12m 35s // Glasgow North East Declaration
3h 14m 15s // D:Ream breakdown remix #2
   Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)
  The Beach Boys
3h 17m 44s // Twitter update
3h 19m 46s // Report from Craigton with Gobo
3h 26m 45s // Solar Island Aural Swingometer update
3h 27m 10s // Mahrooq enters the building
3h 28m 20s // Speach from Marc Livingstone Communist Party candidate for Glasgow North West
3h 31m 31s // admition of the reality of the alcohol situation in the studio
3h 33m 48s // Mahrooq gets on the mic to start rhyming
3h 39m 37s // Mahrooq drops a dis about The Office of Dudes
3h 42m 21s // Mahrooq drops a dis about Tommy Sheridan
   The Day That Thatcher Dies
  Too Pure
   E Is For Evildarkshadowsthatlurkonthedancefloor
  Planet Mu
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