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Solar Island
comedy // chat // hiphop // dancehall // baltimore

Solar Island has been broadcast on Subcity Radio since 2002. Initially starting as a late-night outlet for a group of first year Glaswegian stoners with an equal love of both Chris Morris and Bergerac, it has morphed through various guises over the years from an ill-advised stint in the drive-time slot to a time-travel based scripted comedy and the occasional Dimbleby spoof, commentating at ancient university ceremonies. Solar continue to lampoon anything within reach whilst staying true to its original 3am Buckfast fuelled motto: "Solar Island on a Wednesday night. Might be fucking amazing. Might be fucking shite." Solar Hall of Fame * Lord of the Dancehall aka DJ Dave Ince aka DJ Belgian Electrodes aka Will Survive aka Will Lord * Mahrooq aka Marc Livingstone aka Frank Zispa * Ham aka Gordon Hamilton * The Monolith aka Alan Gardner * DJ Indulgence aka Neil Palmer * Diamond Jimmy Blade aka Boaby Digital aka Tim Wright * Robin Davis * DJ Scorpio aka Barney Crozier aka Shaun 'fae solar' Murphy * Matthew Sillars aka scuseme

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07/05/2010 // Live Election 2010 Special

Highlights of this 4 hour broadcast are available to download and listen to in the form of a 28 minute mp3:


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