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You're Soaking in It
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   Bring Me Coffee Or Tea
  United Artists
   Storm in a Teacup
  Bilge Pump
   What If the Tea Party Was Black?
  Jasiri X
  Not On Label
   Blackest Tea
  Xrin Arms
  Snake Pillage
   Memsahib Tea Emporium
   Serious Delirium
  GZA, RZA & Bill Murray
  Not On Label
   Coffee Mug
   You Drink a Lot of Coffee for a Teenager
  Don Caballero
  Touch & Go
   The Coffee Song
  The Andrews Sisters
   Tea & Crumpets
  The Forgotten Rebels
   Tea and Beer
  Jean Grae
   Tea for Two
  Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie
   It Takes Tea
   Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold
  The KLF
  KLF Communications
   Six Black Cold Hours, Louisiana Going to Coffee
  The KLF // The Orb (allegedly but not really)
  Not On Label
   Coffee feat. John Darnielle
  Aesop Rock
  Definitive Jux
   You're the Cream in My Coffee
  Cat Anderson
   Strawberry Tea
  Tiny Tim
   Swear In
  Cocoa Tea & Ninja Man
   Tea Ski
  Mitch Hedberg
  Comedy Central
   Fruitcakes, Suka-Brand Coffee, Power Failure, Citi
   With Tea
  Twenty Bees
   Black Tea
   Questions Over Coffee
  Boom Bip & DoseOne
   Cigarettes and Coffee
  Otis Redding
   The Coffee-Cola Song
  Francis Bebey
  Editions Makossa
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