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You're Soaking in It
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   Composition 58
  Anthony Braxton
   New Radio
  Bikini Kill
  Kill Rock Stars
   Hello montage
  Desert Island Dicks
  Not On Label
   Vikram Vikram
   You're Soaking in It - original Palmolive ad
  Madge the manicurist
  John von Ryan
   Crime Scene Cleaner excerpt
  Joan Dougherty // Errol Morris
  Not On Label
   Beauty Mark
  Big Hate
   Blue Shot
  The Jesus Lizard
  Capitol EMI
   Christmas Lions
  Cats and Cats and Cats
   Strathspey/The Reel of Tulloch
  John MacDonald
   Bika Lika (Peel session)
  Hyper Kinako
  Not On Label
   Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
  Babes In Toyland
  Scott Walker
  the people of Earth
  Not On Label
   We Long
   God Only Knows
  Petra Haden
   Fiery Gun Hand
  Alphabet Business Concern
   Gimme the Lute
  Notorious B.A.C.H.
   All Your Base Are Belong to Us
  The ECCBillyjoel
  Evolution Control Committee
   Rocket Keronian
  Alternative Tentacles
   Clarissa Explains It All - season 1 plot synopsis
  Spew Barrymore
   Hello (contd.)
  the people of Earth
  Not On Label
   Self-Interview 1980
  Mark E. Smith
   Akiwowo (Chant to the Trainman)
   Karate Juice
  Schizoid Man
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