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Sixteenth Level
electronic // experimental // synthetic // lowslung // celestrial

Welcome all. Here, you will find a positively disheveled mix of Experimental Leftfield, 80s Giallo Soundtracks, the odd 70s Funk/Disco nugget, slow burning Techno, House and various other synthetic sound waves from past & present. Simply a show dedicated to the records we love or have been buying recently in no uniform order. Tune in to zone out...

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Artic Blasters
27/02/2018 // Artic Blasters

It's been a month since Sixteenth Level's graced the airwaves and with a lot of electro indulgence since the last show, we've decided to go all out tonight with a strictly electro affair. By all means, expect tracks from Jensen Interceptor to DJ Overdose, Alden Tyrell to Drexciya. Bring your goggles and flippers, we're going deep.

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