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Silver Light Soul
funk // rhythmandblues // motown // gospel // smooth

Newly formed sister show to Red Light Reggae, similar vibes but stretching the scope out a little and bringing in the soul brothers. Who could resist? Expect a focus on that smooth gospel inspired sound stretching from the likes of Sam Cooke to Erykah Badu.

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Sun + Soul = Bliss
13/05/2018 // Sexy Soulful Salsa

Whether you wanna lounge back after a day in the sun, or still looking to shake it a little, here on Silver Light Soul we'll be bringing the tunes you require. This may be the last Silver Light show ever. It's been an easy breezy dream. Big up to Subcity and everyone that has featured on the show. Tonight the delightful duo Alaa and Nour join me. Two cooler chicas you'll do well to find... Tune in and Turn it up x

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