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She Said
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   Down In The Sewer
  The Stranglers
   Ride The Sky
  Lightning Bolt
   The Weight Of Years
  Idlewild + Edwin Morgan
  Chemikal Underground
   Patatas Verdes
  The Fnords
   Janie Jones
  The Clash
   Holus Bolus
  Rock Action
   Takin A Ride
  The Replacements
   The Big Kilmarnock Bonnet
  John Steven
  Twos & Fews/Drag City
   She's Supersonic
  Sub Pop
   His Teeth Did Brightly Shine
  Southern Lord
   Her Eyes Were A Blue Million Miles
  Captain Beefheart
   Religious Songs
  Withered Hand
  Alba / Chruthachail
   High Action
  Action Beat
  Truth Cult
   Disco From Our Hearts
  From Out Hearts
  White Label
   You Can Have It All
  Yo La Tango
   Touch Me
  The Doors
   The Lord hates A Coward
  Future of the Left
  Too Pure
   Expand / Suberege
   Crooked Scene
  Male Bonding
  Sub Pop
   Like The 309
  Johnny Cash
   A History Of Drunks
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