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She Said
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   Venus In Furs
  The Velvet Underground and Nico
   Rocket U.S.A
   Conspiracist Blues
  Julian Cope
  Head Heritage
  The Fnords
  Touch and Go
   Mouth Breather
  The Jesus Lizard
  Touch and Go
   Lovely Day
  The Pixies
   Don't Take Your Guns To Town
  Johnny Cash
   Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
   The Whole World's Gone To Fuck
  Malcolm Middleton
   Sunn 636
  From Our Hearts
  White Label
   Alternative Ulster
  Stiff Little Fingers
  Rough Trade
   Grounds For Divorce
  Big Business
  Hydra Head
   Much Too Much
  The Who
   Sleep Dealer
  Oneohtrix Point Never
   High Action
  Action Beat
  Truth Cult
   A Minute
  Touch and Go
   Small Bones Small Bodies
  Future of the Left
  Too Pure
   Lizard Kissing Papa
  Fat Janitor
  Wolf Among Wolves
   Catholic Block
  Sonic Youth
   Age Of Chang
  The Fall
  Cherry Red
   Cutting Out The Bad
  Copy Haho
  Big Scary Monsters
   Disco From Our Hearts
  From Our Hearts
  White Label
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