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She Said
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   Rano Pano
  Rock Action
   Mr your on fire Mr
  Blast First/Mute
   You've Got My Number
  The Undertones
   Bring On The Nubiles
  The Stranglers
   Mark Jackson
  Rebel Yell
  pussy boy records
   Chez Yves (alice et clara)
  Sonic Youth
   Make Something Out Of What It's Worth
  Roddy Woomble
   Wayne's Tune
  Bardo Pond
   The Last Living Rose
  PJ Harvey
   Magna Encarta
  Rock Action
  Dinosaur Jr
  Sweet Nothing
   Cowboy George
  The Fall
   Do You Compute
  Drive Like Jehu
   Tonto (Four Tet Remix)
   My Terrible Friend
  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  Fortuna Pop
   Old Black
  Southern Lord
  This Heat
  Rough Trade
   King Night
  I Am Sound
   rolodex propaganda
  At The Drive-in
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