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She Said
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   Out Again
  Hydra Head
  Eternal Fags
   Light of The Moon
  Touch and Go
   Road of Bones
  Acoustic Ladyland
   Cissy Strut
  The Meters
   Tha's When I Reach For My Revolver
  Mission of Burma
  Ace Of Hearts
   No One's Little Girl
  The Raincoats
   Noise Destroys
  Wounded Knee
   WornHands And The Hands We Hold
  Rock Action
   Peaches En Regalia
  Frank Zappa
  Battery Face
   This is Pop
   The Young Ones
  Cliff Richards
  The Monks
   Don't Rain On My Parade
  Bobby Darin
  Newsound 2000
   Lexicon Devil
  The Germs
   Welfare Bread
  King Khan and the Shrines
   Breadcrumb Trail
  Touch and Go
   Been A Sun
   Conflict Of Interest
   Three MCs and One DJ
  Beastie Boys
  Grand Royal
   Spatula Heaven
   Grow Old And Go Home
  The Douglas Firs
   Let's Lynch The Landlord
  The Dead Kennedys
  Starving Missile
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