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She Said
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   Almost Ready
  Dinosaur Jr
   I Need A Freak
  Sexual Harassment
  Spg Music Ltd
   Do You Happen To Know
  Shonen Knife
   Leh Jani
  Omar Souleyman
  Sublime Frequencies
Oh my word, what you are about to receive is provided in the spirit of the one and only John Peel!
  625 Thrash
   I See U
  Lucky Me Music
   Solitary Man
  Johnny Cash
   Ni**as in Paris
  Jay Z & Kanye West
   Hanging Around
  The Stranglers
  United Artists
   Welcome To The Jungle Baby, You're Gonna Live!
   Summer 78
  Yann Tiersen
   Cnoc na Feille
   I Did Not Call Out
  Harvey Milk
  Hydra Head
  Black Flag
   Your Own Spell
  King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
   Let The Beat Hit 'em
  Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
  Sony Music Distribution
   Crumbling Down
  Touch and Go
   Bools Rules
  Wounded Knee
   Come In Out The Rain
  June Paik
  Sons of Vesta
   Da Train
  Mc Ade
  Four Sight
   Lazy Bones
  Wooden Shjips
  Thrill Jockey
  Mr. De'
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