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She Said
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Okay, so show starts around 9 mins 20 secs by which time we had forced our way into the studio!!
   Bury Pts 1 +3
  The Fall
   A Little Orgasm Of Disappointment
  How To Swim
  Electric Honey
   People Talk
  Die Die Die
  Too Pure
   The Rebel On His Own Tonight
  Malcolm Middleton & Alan Bissett
  Chemikal Underground
   One Of These Days
  Pink Floyd
   Phantom Limb
  Fuck Buttons
   Late Repeat
  Fat Cat
   I Will Go
  The Corries
   Dance Dance Dance
  65 Days Of Static
  Milk Pack
   Animal Nitrate
Aye, so in a totally punk rock fashion, She Said and Alan pay a wee impromptu tribute to Philip Glass with a moment or two's silence!!
   Wanted Man
  Johnny Cash
  Liquid Liquid
  Grand Royal
   Cutting Out The Bad
  Copy Haho
  Big Scary Monsters
   The First Big Weekend
  Arab Strap
  Chemikal Underground
  Wooden Shjips
  Mission of Burma
  Ace Of Hearts
   Tubular Bells
  Mike Oldfield
   Declare Independence
  One Little Indian
   The One
  The Brian Jonestown Massacre
   Foxtrot Vandals
  Zoey Van Goey
  Chemikal Underground
   Prince Charming
  Adam Ant
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