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She Said
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   To Hell With Good Intentions
Wee quiet bit, woops!
   Tiger Girl
  65 Days Of Static
   Because You're Frightened
   King Night
  I Am Sound
  Remember Remember
  Rock Action
   Out There
  Dinosaur Jr
   99% = Much Too Much
  Flower-Corsano Duo
   Track 2
   Part Time Punks
  Television Personalities
  Cherry Red
   First Ape Shot Into Space
  The Cosmic Dead
   The Buildings They Are Sleeping Now
  Godspeed You Black Emperor
   Free Money
  Patti Smith
   The Art Of Getting Down
  Clocked Out
  Siouxsie and the Banshees
   Dont Call Me Mark Chapman
  Julian Cope
  Echo and The Bunnymen
   Touch Sensitive
  The Fall
   Turkish Delight
  At War With False Noise
   Public Image
  Public Image Limited
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