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She Said
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Don't panic, we've not lost it, show starts at 6 mins 40 secs with Derek's sensual tones, it's a long story!!
   zoo-music girl
  The Birthday Party
   Kitty Empire
  Big Black
  Touch & Go
   When We Were Younger & Better
  65 Days Of Static
   In Circle
  Sunny Day Real Estate
  Sub Pop
   So What
  Miles Davis
It's just a wee quiet moment, he was at the loo and I was distracted!
   Working For The Yankee Dollar
  The Skids
   The Volodor Dance
  Magik Markers
   Songos Ya Mongos
  Rock Action
   Space Dust
  White Shit
   She's Lost Control
  Joy Division
   The End
  The Doors
   Swimming Ground
  Meat Puppets
   Here Come The Rome Plows
  Drive Like Jehu
  The Fall
   Clash City Rockers
  The Clash
   Another Fourth Of July....Ruined
  Big Business
  Hydra Head
   Late Repeat
  Fat Cat
   Eric's Trip
  Sonic Youth
   Waiting Room
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