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She Said
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   The Living End
  The Jesus And Mary Chain
   Sweet William
  Alasdair Roberts
  Drag City
   I Await Your Call With Sharpened Knife
  Kylie Minoise
Yes, the next track does stop suddenly. Yes this was one of several howlers on the show. This is not normal. We love you x
   Scentless Apprectice
   I Hate Scotland
   The False and The Cinematic
  Marmaduke Duke
  Captains Of Industry
   The Saints Are Coming
  The Skids
   Love, Hate, Love
  Alice in Chains
  Aiden Moffat
  Chemikal Underground
   Rain King
  Sonic Youth
   Devil And The Angel
  Malcolm Middleton
   Micheal Ball
   Chromakey Dreamcoat
  Boards Of Canada
   Schools Out
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