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She Said
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   A Song For Our Fathers
  Explosions In The Sky
  Temporary Residence
   Run Around
  Moon Duo
  Souterrain Transmissions
   Dance Me In
  Sons and Daughters
   Poxy Pub
  Blood or Whiskey
   The Words That Maketh Murder
  PJ Harvey
   Metal Mickey
   The Rebel On His Own Tonight
  Malcolm Middleton & Alan Bissett
  Chemikal Underground
   With Handclaps
  Y'all Is Fantasy Island
  Wise Blood Industries
   The Precipice
  Rock Action
   Roger Waters Rants!/The Trial
  Pink Floyd
   The Day The World Turned Day-Glo
  X-ray Spex
   ALittle Orgasm Of Disapointment
  How To Swim
  Electric Honey
   Milk Man
   Nae Wonder
  Zoey Van Goey
  Chemikal Underground
   Ace Of Spades
   Fuck This Place
  Hanged Up
   The Black Angel's Death
  The Velvet Underground and Nico
   Tinsel Town In The Rain
  The Blue Nile
   Rich Scumbag
  Oi Polloi
   Me And All My Friends Are
  Burnt Island
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