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She Said
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   Theme from James Bond
  John Barry
   I Just Can't Be Happy Today
  The Damned
   It's Not Funny Anymore
  Husker Du
   Nuclear War
  Yo La Tengo
  Stones Throw
   I'll Follow You Through The Floor
  Psychic Ills
  Sacred Bones
   Conversations On The Jet Stream
  Not Not Not
   Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
  Shonen Knife
  Tomato Head
   Jonny Smokes
  Butthole Surfers
  Blast First
  Rock Action
   Esty, Point, Summer 1978
  David Borden
   10 West
  Stones Throw
   Tiger Eyes
  Peaking Lights
  Weird World
   Shaved Women
  Small Wonder
   Men Not Worth Their Weight In Words
  Beestung Lips
   I Won't Back Down
  Johnny Cash
   Auberchute Flyer
  Rock Action
   You Will Always Be...
  Frams Torners
  White Label
   Venus In Furs
  Velvet Underground
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