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She Said
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   In Your Heart
  A Place To Bury Strangers
   So Tonight That I Might See
  Mazzy Star
   Wake Up Under A Truck
  Temporary Residence
   Boss Kitty
   Slippy Floor
  The Fall
   Old Skin
  Young Widows
  Temporary Residence
   b t
   Fucking Dutch
  Ex Wives
  Radio is Down
   Negro Work Song
  The Cramps
   Disgrace Of The North
  Ex Wives
  Radio is Down
   A Christ Pendent Comfort Her Neck
  My Disco
   All Tomorrow's Parties
  Velvet Underground
   My Golden Oldie
  Modern Radio
   Here Come The Rome Plows
  Drive Like Jehu
   Song Of The Minerals
  Touch and Go
   The Whip
   If You Had Lips
  The Jesus Lizard
  Touch and Go
  Sub Pop
   Feather Of Forgiveness
   In Heat
  Lovepump United
   Grey Shallows
  Table Of The Elements
  New Brutalism
   Kool Killer
  Ex Models
   Every Woman Loves A Fascist
  Ex Wives
  Radio is Down
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