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She Said
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   i swallowed hard, like i understand
  65 Days Of Static
   D.I.Y. Meat
  The Fall
   How I Wrote The Star Spangled Banner
  Boutros Bubba
   Everlasting Light
   God Damn Job
  The Replacements
   Wilma, There's Been A Fire
  Fife Kills Collective
   That's What You Get
  The Murder City Devils
  Sub Pop
   Darlin' Companion
  Johnny Cash
   My Own Summer (shove it)
   Hyndland Road
  Mr Peppermint
  Winning Sperm Party
   Harmony In My Head
  United Artists
   Unyoked Oxen Turn
  Alasdair Roberts
  Drag City
  Moon Duo
  Hot Snakes
   Say It Ain't So
   Bloody Revolutions
   Super Unison
  Drive Like Jehu
   I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
  Rock Action
   Do Not Consider Yourself Free
   You've Got My Number...
  The Undertones
   Sorry About The Mess
  Rock Action
   Demons And Gods
  Copy Haho
  Too Pure
   Kollapze Tradixional
  The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
   I Trampled On David
  Bilge Pump
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