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She Said
punk // alternativerock // eclectic // noise // diy

Falling into the room like some shambling, unkempt adolescent who's not slept for 3 days but whose energy and charisma abound, the She Said team stimulate you aurally and sonically in ways not yet imagined. Punk at heart, opinionated, passionate and prejudiced only against those who seek to discriminate, She Said is driven by a DIY ethic and absolute commitment to all forms of noisiness. And yet from time to time, She Said reveals its quieter, gentler side and will snuggle right in beside you. Always intelligent, always informative, frequently suggestive, She Said doesn't do sitting on the fence but will challenge, entertain, amuse and arouse in equal proportions. Outwith showtimes, message Derek and Allan on [email protected]

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its the final countdown!!
23/06/2012 // Unnamed Episode

Yes, its definitely neither the first nor last time She Said will use that immortal line! It is however the last of lots of things today as we draw the curtain on another glorious season of mirth and musical mayhem and Summer beckons.

So what's the plan? HITS! TUNES! We're gonna have you rocking all over the world and the internet and in Ayrshire as well. Promise!!


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