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Shameless Fashion
synthpop // industrial // goth // newwave // 80s

Shameless Fashion is dedicated to bringing back the sound of the '80s: predominantly, the use of synthesizers. From artists such as the Human League, Visage and Ultravox through to modern day band Editors, Shameless Fashion seeks out music both old and new to present to listeners. A regular of the Industrial scene, DJ Pink Flamingo also hopes to introduce the work of artists such as VNV Nation and Shiv-r alongside '80s material, due to the similar if not more hardcore synthesizer sound. Why is the show called 'Shameless Fashion'? Sadly we don't discuss fashion tips; we'll just assume you look fabulous already! We are called this after the 2013 Visage single. The lyrics state: 'Early '80s make-up, fashion, once seen, soon to be in vogue' and this is the way we feel about '80s music: it's so catchy, we hope to have you digging out that old vinyl again by the end of the show!

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State Of The Nation
26/07/2018 // State Of The Nation

"What kind of times are these?"

It's summer, which means: bugs, being too warm, and more humans than you can reasonably tolerate.

Join me at 6pm for synths, guitars and avoiding everything outside.

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