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Shakin' All Over
soul // rocknroll // 70s // 60s // 50s

Proud to be the only show on subcity that specialises on delivering quality gems from the fifties, shakin all over brings you along on a journey into the sounds of the past for those who missed them the first time round. Everthing from Aretha Franklin to Tony Bennett. Boney M to The Trammps. Bettye Swann to The Supremes. Armed to the teeth with a comprehensive back catalogue of musical wonders, we aim to please. [email protected] Your comments are welcome.

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Decent Start.
19/11/2010 // Shakin' All Over!

Despite a few minor technical hiccups, the first shakin' all over got off to a decent start. Mistakes were made, notes were taken but all in all a good night.

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