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The Saturday Shakedown
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   What A Way To Die
  The Pleasure Seekers
   Out of Control
  The Lime Spiders
  The Terraplanes
  Strange Days
   Young Savage
   Walking Out
  The Almighty Handclaps
  Goodbye Boozy
   I'm A Man
  The Spencer Davis Group
   Voices (Come and Get It)
  The Telefones
   White Mice
  The Mo-dettes
   Scream Queen
  The Fnords
  Unreleased demo
   Striped Sticks
  The Fnords
  Unreleased demo
   Shot By Both Sides
   Cut Off Man
  Black Cat Bone
  Hyped To Death
   Dot Dash
   Accident of God
  Lester Bangs // The Delinquents
   Detroit 442
   That's Pretty Fast
  The 145s
   Never Understand
  The Jesus And Mary Chain
  Blanco Y Negro
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