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Looking For A Job
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Who Loves The Sun
  The Come Ons
  Red Lounge
   I'm Ready
  Royal Trux
   Germ Free Adolescents
  X-ray Spex
   What More
  The Detroit Cobras
  Third Man
   Faded Pictures
  Midnight Snaxxx
   You've Got To Pay
  The Only Ones
   Don't Just Sit There
  The Scabs
   She's The Kinda Girl
  The Penetrators
   Concrete Town
  The Cavemen
   Peace In Hermosa
   Too Much of a Good Thing
  Thee Girl Fridays
  Spinout Nuggets
   Motorhead Mit Mir
  Red Lounge
   Tenth Planet
  Solid Space
  Dark Entries
  The Hentchmen
  Italy/Third Man
   Black Sheep
  The Reigning Sound
   Looking For A Job
  The Vultures
  La Vida Es En Mus
  City Slang
  No Front Teeth
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