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Bad Reaction
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Number 9 Train
  Tarheel Slim
  Charly R & B
  Tommy Roe
   Finally Met My Baby
  Lightnin' Hopkins // his protege Ruth (Blues) Ames
   Don't Freeze On Me
  Jessie Mae
   Action Woman
  The Litter
  Get Hip
   Goin' Away Baby
  Grains of Sand
   Don't Send Me No Flowers
  The Blue and The Grey
  Get Hip
   Green Light
  The Equals
   Open The Throttle
  Davie Allan and the Arrows
  In the Red
   Train of Doomsday
  Sound of IMKER
   Feels Like A Woman
  The Troggs
   Some Other Guy
  The Hentchmen
  Third Man
   Rock The Reaper
  Bat Fangs
  Don Giovanni
   Bad Reaction
  The Bellrays
  U & Media
   I Saw The Light
  Status Quo
   Lie To Me
  The Number Ones
  Static Shock
   Don't Come Back
  Mary Weiss
   Bad Boy
  The A-Bones
  Demolition Derby
   Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
  The Kinks
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