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with The Kidney Flowers
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Come on Feel The Nosie
   Who Do You Love?
  Bo Diddley
   Rather Fight Than Switch
  Rev Louis Overstreet
  Little Axe
   Egyptian Surf
   Ain't Gonna Move
  Sam The Sham And The Pharoahs
   Small Fingers
  The Kidney Flowers
   El Mounstro
  Los Shains
  Electro Harmonix
   Off The Hook
  The Rolling Stones
   Pretty Suzanne
  The Monks
  Light In The attic
   Jump Sturdy
  Dr John
   The Importance of Breakfast
  The Kidney Flowers
   Foggy Notion
  Velvet Underground
  4 Men with beards
   Search and Destroy
  The Stooges
   Sovereignty Flight
  The Gories
   She's The One
  James Brown
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