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Start of Summer Term Rock n Roll Special
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Audrey's Dance
  Thomas Truax
  Psycho Teddy
   March of the Vampires
  Screaming Lord Sutch
   Rave On!
  Buddy Holly
   Smokey Joe's Cafe
  The Coasters
   Somebody's Always Trying
  Teddy Taylor
  Round Nine
   Esclavos de Amor
  Los Twang! Marvels
   Nonalignment Pact
  Pere Ubu
   Human Fly
  The Cramps
  Big Beat
   She Comes in Colors
  Arthur Lee & Love
  New Rose
  Shangri Las
  Peggy Lee
   Put Your Cat Clothes On
  Carl Perkins
  Roy Orbison
   Skinny Minny Shimmy
  Lattie Moore
   Long Tall Sally
  Little Richard
   Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio
   Sheena is a Punk Rocker
  Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  War Child
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