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The Saturday Shakedown
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   The Alligator
  The US Four
  Teenage Shutdown
   Twilley Don't Mind
  Dwight Twilley
   On Account Of You
  Dale Hawkins
   I Want Some Of That
  Kai Ray
   Do What I Say
  J.B. Lenoir
   Your Daddy's Doggin' Around
  The Todd Rhodes Orchestra
   Polk Salad Annie
  Tony Joe White
   We're Gonna Get Married
  Bo Diddley
   To Find Out
  The Keggs
   Harmony in my Head
  United Artists
   I Hate The Rich
  The Dils
  Superior Viaduct
   Theme From Atomic Suplex
  Atomic Suplex
  Swamp Fiction
   Where's Shelly?
  Mrs Magician
   A Glimpse of Another Time
  Damaged Goods
   Cry on my Shoulder
  The Ettes
  The Courettes
   Trying To Lose Myself Again
  Dead Oceans
   Annihilate This Week
  King Sound Quartet
   American Slang
  Jack Oblivian
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