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Franklin Fest 2015
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Mind Bender
  The Wildebeests
   What Do You Look Like?
  Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers
  Voodoo Rythm
   Silently By Night
  Mickey Hampshire // The Masonics
  Little Teddy Recordings
   She's Coming Back To Me
  The Thanes
   The Witch House
  The Creeping Ivies
   Second To None
  The Shook Ups
   Yes I Do
  The Baron Four
  Radio Underground
   Running Kind
  Sally Skull
   "Lake Bears!" Theme Song (Vocal)
  MFC Chicken
  Dirty Water
   My Baby (Won't Ride Beside Me)
  Lord Rochester
   You Waster You
  The Masonics // Ludella Black
   Kitty Cat
  Logan's Close
  White Label
   The Boy Can't Help It
  The Reverse Cowgirls
  The Wildebeests
  Dirty Water
   Cut Em Down
  The Bucky Rage
   Bad Bad Milk
  Radio Underground
   March of the Space Goblins
  The Masonics
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