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The Lottery
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Get On Back
  The Solution
  Sweet Nothing
  Cosmic Psychos
   Kari Ann
  The Monsieurs
  Black Gladiator
   My Blank Space
   Talk Show
   Time Change
  Les Disques Steak
   Thank You God for Making Me an Angel
  The Country Teasers
   Regional Treasure
  In the Red
   The Spits
  Fallout Beach
  In the Red
   The Lottery
  The Afghan Whigs
  Sub Pop
   It Should Be Me
  Billy Childish and the MBEs
  The Coneheads
   Sid Visions
   Human Being
  Coloured Balls
   Gonna Be Your Dog
  Sick Thoughts
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.