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The Winter of Your Mind
The Saturday Shakedown
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   The First of The Gang To Die
   Free Range
  The Fall
  Cog Sinister
   Come Back Jonee
   At The Edge
  Stiff Little Fingers
   The Number One Song In Heaven
   You've Got To Pay
  The Only Ones
   Get off My Cloud
  The Rolling Stones
   What Do I Get?
  United Artists
   Vortex of Lies
  Tasque Force
   Born on a Saturday Night
  The White Wires
  P Trash
   Love's Gone Bad
  The Nomads
  Bad Afro
   Summertime Road
  The Barbaras
   I Can't Go Back
  The Detroit Cobras
  Third Man
   She's A Star
  Baby Shakes
  Astro Girl
   I'm Over You
  The Netelles
  Spinout Nuggets
   Problem Child
  The Damned
   The Chatham Forts
  I Wanna Be Your Man
  Damaged Goods
   Little Honda
  The Hondells
   Tell Me What You See
  The Von Bondies
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