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Reasonable World
The Saturday Shakedown
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   I'm Ready
  Royal Trux
   I Don't Believe in Christmas
  The Sonics
   See My Baby Jive
   Stormy Weather
  Reigning Sound
  In the Red
   When The Whip Comes Down
  The Rolling Stones
  The Scientists
  Cherry Red
   Precious and Grace
  ZZ Top
  Warner Bros.
   Reasonable World
  The Blind Shake
  The Dictators
   Till Victory
  Patti Smith Group
   Shallow Grave
  The A-Bones
   Stop and Think It Over
  Mary Weiss // The Reigning Sound
   So Mystifying
  The Kinks
   No One Has
   Santa Claus
  The Headcoatees
  Damaged Goods
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