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The Saturday Shakedown
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  Link Wray
   Rock a Bye Maybe
  The Night Marchers
   Love Pours Out of My Heart
  Miss Ludella Black
  Damaged Goods
   Cell Mates
  Mariachi El Bronx
  Royal Trux
   Toys In The Attic
   The Big Three Killed My Baby
  The White Stripes
   Under The Wire
  Switch Trout
   MK Ultra
  The Testors
   The Saints
  Know Your Product
  Rough Trade
   Let Me Holler
  King Khan & The Shrines
   I Only Got The Shakes
  The Hellacopters
   You're Lyin
  The Troggs
   Wait For The Light To Shine
  Skip Jensensen
  Goodbye Boozy
   The Human Fly
  The Cramps
  Rough Trade
   The Empty place
  The Monkeywrench
   I Got A Right
  The Stooges
  Rough Trade
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