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Time’s Up
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Looking For A Job
  La Vida Es En Mus
   Time's Up
  New Hormones
   Whose Lady R U?
  The Night Marchers
   Chinese Rocks
  Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers
   Born To Boogie
   Girl's Talk
  Dave Edmunds
  Swan Song
   Jilted John
  Jilted John
   Los Coyote Men
  Can She Cook
   Living in a Dream World
  Jonny Moped
  Damaged Goods
   The Lord Will Make a Way
  The Morning Echoes of Detroit
   Trans-Pleasant Express
  The Make Up
  Black Gemini
   Trouble Boys
  Thin Lizzy
   Shoot, Shoot
   We Got The Beat
  The Go-Go's
   Dishin The Dirt
  The Thanes
  Dirty Water
   Under The Wire
  The Switch Trout
   Hungry Wolf
  Zen Guerrilla
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