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Pabst Blue Ribbon
The Saturday Shakedown
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   How D' You Ride
   Stroll On
  The Yardbirds
  Get Back
   Tiger of the Night
  The Makers
  Sub Pop
   You Say You Don't Love Me
  United Artists
   Strood Lites
  The Buff Medways
   Last One Here
  The Fire Department
  Hangman's Daughter
   My Car, My Starship
  The Quadrajets
   Urban Guerrilla
  Federation X
  Wantage USA
   Pabst Blue Ribbon
  The Untamed Youth
   Finally Met My Baby
  Lightnin' Hopkins // his protege Ruth (Blues) Ames
   Betty Lou's Got A New Pair of Shoes
  Jack Eden
   Trouble Of The World
  Dex Romweber
   Watch Me Burn
  Bantam Rooster
  Flying Bomb
   In The Wake of Heartbreak
  Mrs Magician
   The City is Dead
  Sub Pop
   Hawkline Monkster
  Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
  Rise Above
   Abide With Me
  The Fucking Champs
  Drag City
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.