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The Saturday Shakedown
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   Stranger in my hometown
  Elvis Presley
   They Glued Your Head On Upside Down
  The Bellrays
   Now I Wanna Be Your Dog
  The Stooges
   I Wanna Be ADD
  The Spits
  In the Red
   La Ciudad
  Davila 666
  In the Red
   Keep On Movin'
  King Tuff
  Sub Pop
   If They Come In The Morning
  The Make Up
  The Oh Sees
  In the Red
   Osaka Rock City
  Shonen Knife
   Hole In The Sky
  Black Sabbath
   Little Town Flirt
  The Intelligence
  In the Red
  Shannon and The Clams
  Get Bent!
   Stormy Weather
  The Reigning Sound
  In the Red
   I Can't Explain
  The Who
   Pogo 'Till I Puke Tonight
  The White Wires
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