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Out on a Wire
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Locket Love
   Gutter Cat
  Alice Cooper
  Warner Bros.
   Little Miss Strange
  The Jimi Hendrix Experience
   Kids In America
  Kim Wilde
   When I'm With You
   TV Party
  Black Flag
   Out On A Wire
  Dead Moon
   Don't Send Me No Flowers
  The Blue and The Grey
  Get Hip
   She Does It Right
  Dr Feelgood
  United Artists
   Paper Plane
  Status Quo
  Jonathan Richman
  Blue Arrow
   Tall Dark Stranger
  Jackie and the Cedrics
   Go Honda Go!
  Jackie and the Cedrics
   Midnight To Six Man
  The Pretty Things
   The Race is Over
   Edvin Medvind
  The Nomads
  Man's Ruin
   Still Waiting
  The Marked Men
   All My Rowdy Friends Are Dead
  The Quadrajets
  Bronx Cheer
   Rock-A-Hula Baby (Twist Special)
  Elvis Presley and The Jordanaires
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