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Strong Come On
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Southern Girls
  Cheap Trick
   I Don't Mind
  United Artists
   She's So Cold
  The Rolling Stones
   Chain Gang
  Sam Cooke
  RCA Victor
   London Calling
  The Clash
   Intro/Personality Crisis
  The New York Dolls
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
   Under Ice
  Royal Trux
  Fat Possum
   Bad Bloods
  The Night Marchers
   Lord, Keep Me Sanctified
  Monsieur Jeffrey Evans
  Big Legal Mess
   I Ain't Nothing But A Gorehound
  The Cramps
  New Rose
   Find It
  The Wards
  White Label
   Cry On My Shoulder
  The Ettes
   Come Back Jonee
   Who Is My Killer
  Charlie 'Ungry
   The Doo Rek
  The Buff Medways
   The Traveller
  Archie and the Bunkers
   Smash It Up
  The Damned
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