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Musical Day
The Saturday Shakedown
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   I Wanna Be Your Dog
  The Stooges
   The Rise and Dear Demise of the FunkyNomadicTribes
  Thin Lizzy
   Musical Day
  The Fire Dept
   Lemonade Stand
  The Spartan Dreggs
  Damaged Goods
   Sha La La La Lee
  Plastic Bertrand
   School's Out
  Alice Cooper
  Seger Liberation Army
  Big Neck
   Tattoo'd Lady
  Rory Gallagher
  UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
   Pariah Radio
  Chubby and The Gang
  Static Shock
   Tiny Pieces
  Coco Hames
  Bobby Fuller Four
  Back Line
   Wishing Well
   Any Way I Can
  The Choir
   Gone With The Wild
  Goldie Dawn
  White Label
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