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Wreck on the Old Airwaves
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Rise Above
  Black Flag
   These Days
  Joy Division
  Get Back
   The Gospel According To John
  The Soledad Brothers
   Feel It, Superior
  Retribution Gospel Choir
  Sub Pop
   Chrysler 440.
  Ostrich G.T.
   Big Mess
  Bantam Rooster
  Flying Bomb
   The Last Living Rose
  PJ Harvey
   I Enjoy Being A Boy
  Mikal Cronin
  Trouble In Mind
   Black Cloud A Risin'
  Silver Lions 20/20
  Sweet Velvet Vinyl
   Dirty Headlines
  Royal Trux
  Wax Idols
   She Was Good (Live)
  The Flaming Sideburns
   I'm Gonna Hang Out With the Lesbians Next Door and
  Mrs Magician
   The Big Breakdown
  Gallon Drunk
  Clouds Hill
   Wreck on the Highway
  Bruce Springsteen
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