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1-2, Cut Yer Hair!.. Jim Spence’s Festive Hamper
The Saturday Shakedown
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   I Don't Believe In Christmas
  The Sonics
   Police On My Back
  The Equals
   She Moans
  Alan Lee Shaw
  Last Year's Youth
   Lightning Raiders
  Psychedelic Musik
   We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit
  Los Chicos
  Dirty Water
   One Minute's Time
  The Wildebeests
  Dirty Water
   Do What You Want
  Baby Shakes
  Lil' Chewy Records
   You're So Happy I Could Cry
  The Number Ones
  The Teen Age
  Cyanide Pills
  Damaged Goods
   You're A Disease
   Regress To Progress
  Oi! The Nische Records
   Where's Johnny Moped Now
  The Masonics
   Incendiary Device
  Johnny Moped
   Punk Rock Xmas
  Alan Milman Sect
  Bag of Hammers
   Why Do You Exist?
  The Weirdos
   Bored, Sick, Done
  Les Lullies
  Suicide Commandos
   I Wanna Destroy You
  Soft Boys
   Burned My Eye
  Radio Birdman
   A Life of Crime
  The Weirdos
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