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Trouble Of The World
The Saturday Shakedown
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   She Cools My Mind
   All By Myself
  Johnny Burnette Trio
   Ghost Memories
  Gene McKeown
  White Label
   Down Home Girl
  The Rolling Stones
  Lord Rochester
  Twenty Stone Blatt
   I Want To Know
  Hurricane Travelers
   I'm So Glad
  Famous Ward Singers
   Inside Your Heart
  The Velvet Underground
  Plastic Inevitable
   Tomorrow's Taking My Baby Away
  Dex Romweber
   Trouble Of The World
  Dex Romweber
   Sinister Purpose
  The Wave Pictures
  Damaged Goods
   We Repel Each Other
  The Ettes
  Fond Objects
   You Built The Motorways
  The Phar'i-sees
  White Label
   That's All We Need At Our Party
  Jonathan Richman
  Blue Arrow
  Royal Trux
   You Gotta Stop
  The Untamed Youth
  Lemon Special
   The Slop
  Chet Atkins
   Can I Come Over
  The Rip Offs
  Rip Off
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