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The Saturday Shakedown
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   Rock-N-Roll Revolution In The Streets Part One
  Miracle Workers
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
   40 Boys in 40 Nights
  The Donnas
   Leave My Kitten Alone
  Sam The Sham And The Pharoahs
   No Pussy Blues
   Tears in Beers
  The Mean Jeans
  Trouble In Mind
  Royal Trux
   Jenna Lee
  The Little Killers
   Bad Moon Rising
  Wounded Lion
  In the Red
   Velvet Underground
  Jonathan Richman
   There She Goes
  The Velvet Underground
   I Got A Feeling
  Sweet Apple
  Damaged Goods
   No Time
  The Saints
   Cheap Sunglasses
  ZZ Top
   TV Eye
  The Stooges
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