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with The White Wires guest mix
The Saturday Shakedown
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   This Little Life of Mine
  Spaceman Records
   I Was Denied
  Thee Oh Sees
  In the Red
   They Call Me Willie The Wild One
  Billy Barry
   Sweet Thang
  Jack O and the Tennesse Tearjerkers
   Thar She Blows
  The Night Marchers
   Did you forget my name
  The White Wires
   Downbound Train
  Kurt Vile
   Watch Me Burn
  Bantam Rooster
  Flying Bomb
   Thunderbird ESQ
  The Gories
The White Wires Guest Mix!
  The VIPs
   Why'd You Have To Lie
  The Sweat
   Heathen Girls
  Rose Whisperr and Marc Stowe
  Stark Naked
   Only Girl
  The Martyrs
   Sincerely Yours Goodbye
  The Locals
End of The White Wires' guest mix
   Hot Sand
  The Hollows
  Soft Power
   Rock and Roll
  Lou Reed
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