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with The Edsel Furys
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Punk Confusion
   Soul in Motion
  Mikal Cronin
  Famous Class
   Guys in cooler bands
  Mrs Magician
  Thrill Me
   After Laughter (Comes Tears)
  Wendy Rene
  Light In The attic
   Cult Figures
  Zip Nolan
  Rough Trade
   Whisky and Rockets
  The Edsel Furys
   Hound Dog
  Big Mama Thornton
   Facebook Update
  The Blunders
   Uptown Top Ranking
  Althea & Donna
  Lightning Records
   Mo Gorilla
  The Ideals
   There's A Ghost In My House
  R Dean Taylor
  Tamla Motown
   Trouble Is
  The Edsel Furys
   Gun Street Girl
  Tom Waits
   Blind Man's Penis
  John Trubee
  Space and Time
   Talk Talk
  The Music Machine
  Original Sound
  The Edsel Furys
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